I am a reading specialist at an elementary school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  I'm a self-admitted life-long learner.  I can't get enough!  I am continually reading and searching out current best practices in the area of literacy.  I want to make a difference.

Starting this blog was a personal and professional mission. Accomplished!

My mission is:
  • To become an active member of the online PLC (Professional Learning Community) to collaborate and learn from all my colleagues out there in cyber space.
  • To develop a PLN (Personal Learning Network).
  • To be an author (of this blog) and write for a purpose.
  • To share my thinking and learning as I read and reflect upon the great words, ideas, and strategies of awesome educators all over the world!

My next goal:  Twitter?!?

One 'click' at a time. One 'click' at a time.  (Deep breath.)

Update!  June 2011

I am now a "tweeter" on Twitter. Follow me following others on Twitter - @litlearningzone